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"You may delay, but time will not" ~ Benjamin Franklin

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Who we are

We are an emerging group of business consultants that started operating in 2009 as a specialist ICT services company, but gradually grew into a specialist consultancy firm that catered for other services like business advisory, graphic design and corporate branding, management consultancy, project management, and various accounting and ICT Services

We are nimble, hungry, project based, relentlessly focused on ROI and we do world-class work with national clients.
The company was founded with the aim to fill a market that is in need of a professional, customer-oriented professional services company, which we achieve by assisting all our clients in a professional, cost effective manner and providing them with lasting customer-centric solutions, unique only to their specific challenges

Our Set of Skills

Corporate Branding & Graphics Design100%
Advisory Services (Business, Information Technology)90%
Software Development (Web, App & Desktop)80%
Revenue Enhancement100%






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Our Management

Kopraal Mohloli
Kopraal MohloliManaging Member / CEOkopraal@mohloli.co.za
With a postgraduate degree in Information Technology, backed up by more than 18 years in the field. Kopraal is responsible for the day to day operations of the company as well as ensuring effective project management of all projects His experience include senior roles in both public and private sector within the ICT industry, experiences that puts him in good stead in our quest to make Tshimoloho a major sector player in our operating space

Our Message

Our passion for positive change goes right to the heart of the challenges facing our clients today and reaches even further than that. It means understanding what our client needs and not what they want, and leaving them with a longer lasting solution that will address their needs in a long time, without requiring us to be present beyond the duration of our contract period

We know that, our clients know that, TOGETHER we can help meet the expectations of consumers who demand greater innovation, value and transparency than ever before. We continue to nurture this unmatched passion for professional innovation by bringing on board super-talented people to bolster our consultancy team, either on a project basis or full time basis, depending on our requirements at the time

We also try to ensure that everyone who joins the business enjoys the very best training, incentives and rewards so that they can contribute fully to the success of our clients and Tshimoloho Advisory Services

Tshimoloho Advisory Services

Some of Our Clients

Nyapotse Inc
Dinatla Advisory Services
Retsoelletse Investment Holdings
Kgoshi Solutions
Bid Perfect
PMTM Business Solutions
Kgethogolo Projects
MookyNos Entertainment
Mamello Secondary School
Ulwazi Consortium
Kopanong Local Municipality
FS Health
Matona Properties
Compimento Incorporated
OSM Squared
Blou Cleaning
Stratworx Consulting