Our Services

We work it out, so you don’t have to.

We are a bag full of professional capabilities

Tshimoloho Advisory Services is a complete service agency, incorporating various solutions in the FinTech market. We incorporate strategy, creativity and technology to deliver outstanding and effective 4IR solutions. Since 2009, we have specialised in offering a full-service of creative disciplines ensuring each client's unique environment is incorporated into everything we do.



Logos & Letterheads

We can help you with the creation of new, modern logos or a re-design of an existing logo or brand identity

Corporate Branding

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Magazine advert designs
  • Digital designs (e-mail newsletters, blog artworks, etc.
  • Infographic design and more

Banners & Advertising

We can help bring your brand to life with design for installed/temporary signage, sale/offer banners, exhibition displays and popup banner systems

Bulk Printing Services

We are in partnerships with some of the best publishers in the Free State and have negotiated wholesale discounts on all types of printing


Desktop Applications

We develop high quality, cost-effective and reliable softwares that match your specific needs, budget and timeframe. From simple customizations to full-cycle software development that matches your vision, we have the experience to deliver.

Database Development

We have a capable team of qualified database specialists proficient in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, as well as open source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Whether its design, development or maintenance of your existing databse, our database developers and administrators are very adept in developing and maintaining complex data structures and high volume, high availability databases


Mobile Applications

Tshimoloho designs, develops and deliver mobile applications across all the major platforms, including iOS (Apple), Android and Windows Mobile
Our mobile application development services include: 
  • Business needs analysis
  • Requirements analysis
  • User Experience (UX) testing.

IT Consulting

With our CEO's more than 18 years in IT, Tshimoloho offers services to streamline IT strategy creation, information security assurance and system integrations. We ensure smooth and effective digital transformation and improve your digital customer experience. Our approach is to focus on the client’s strategy and long-term goals, so we skip the noise of fleeting trends and equip the business with reliable and agile technology to achieve lasting outcomes

Bulk SMS & Email

We understand that in order to grow your business you must reach and engage with your customers. And there is no better way to reach them than on their mobile phones. At Tshimoloho we offer a cost-effective way for you to reach your clients on any mobile phone

Revenue Enhancement

  • Billing
  • Customer Services
  • Data Cleaning (purification)
  • Debt Collection (outsourced)
  • Indigent Management
  • Meter Reading (outsourced)

Indigent Management

  • Registration & Verification
  • Cleaning up the indigent register database
  • Reconcile the indigent register with the financial system
  • Our Indigent Management Software is highly flexible and can be tailored to each municipality's indigent management policy

Information Services

  • Data cleaning (purification)
  • Data verification & Validation
  • Statistics Services (Survey design, Analysis, etc.)